About Us

As the original developers of Autolion (now GT-Autolion), and home of the revolutionary Thermally Modulated Battery, EC Power maintains a prototyping facility and design office in State College, PA (next to The Pennsylvania State University). EC Power designs and develops next generation rechargeable battery technology for electric vehicles, power grid management, and consumer electronics.  Our expertise is in cell level development of the electrochemical device and integration into the system in which it resides. Our fundamental understanding at the nano-scale level has led to the development of our proprietary technologies and design tools which allow us to build, diagnose, and optimize advanced batteries and energy storage systems. We bridge the gap from performance requirement to successful commercial products. 

For fundamental study, EC Power enjoys a close working relationship with researchers at Penn State University. We currently have several joint projects with faculty and staff at the Penn State Electrochemical Engine Center (ECEC), Energy Nanostructure Lab (e-nano), and Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) center. Through this relationship, we work as a team with, and lease facilities and equipment from, the University, enabling a wide range of technical services. This allows us to work seamlessly with customers for early stage technology development.