All-Climate Battery (ACB™)

For a Technical Overview, see our article in IEEE Electrification Magazine


Temperature independent power and charging from -50°C to 60°C

Unprecedented low temperature performance is enabled by a new cell architecture that safely exploits cell thermal modulation with near 100% efficiency. Thermal modulation of 290 Wh/kg cells from -30°C to 10°C completes in 40 seconds using only 2% (6 Wh/kg) of the battery's total energy while maintaining a temperature deviation of only 5°C during heating.


World's First Fast Rechargeable
Battery at Low Temperature

We have demonstrated >10X fast charging of ACB cells compared to state-of-the-art Li-ion cells at -30oC without sacrificing life.

Real World Result That Speaks For Itself


USO6 Driving cycle completed at -40°C Ambient demonstrated a 49% increase in total driving energy when using ACB architecture over traditional!


After a 72 hour soak at -40°C at the HaiLaer Winter Vehicle Testing Center, 3 types of vehicles (BAIC EU260 Car, Yutong Luxury Van, Foton 12m Bus) were able to demonstrate normal driving metrics!

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