All-Climate Battery (ACB™)

A breakthrough technology delivers 10X power and 15-min fast charging in cold environments as low as -30oC

All-Climate Battery for Unprecedented Low Temperature Performance

 Insertion of a new material followed by new cell design exploits self heating of cell.

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Large Batch Production of All-Climate Battery Cells

We fabricated thousands of prismatic and pouch cell in 10 to 20 Ah capacity to demonstrate viability for mass production and in-vehicle testing.

Technology Progression

For ACB cells to enjoy a dramatic power boost at low temperatures, some activation time and energy (or charge) consumption are required. Currently <15 sec and <3% of cell energy is consumed during activation. 

World's First Fast Rechargeable Battery at Low Temperature

We have demonstrated >10X fast charging of ACB cells compared to state-of-the-art Li-ion cells at -30oC without sacrificing life.


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