EC Power to Commercialize Energy Dense Li-ion Battery

EC Power is working to commercialize an energy dense Li-ion battery in 18650 cylindrical cell format, by integrating new classes of nanocomposite electrode materials using a novel fabrication process. The cell will incorporate a high capacity Si-carbon anode, developed by Dr. Donghai Wang at The Pennsylvania State University, and a layered metal oxide high voltage…
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EC Power partnered with PSU in $5 M DOE Grant

State College, PA:  19 Aug 2011;  EC Power LLC has been selected as a major partner with The Pennsylvania State University in a $5 Million contract awarded by the Department of Energy (DOE).  The contract funds are part of awards totaling more than $175 Million for DOE’s Advanced Vehicle Technology Program.  The project will entail…
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Kou pens new paper in Journal of the American Chemical Society

A new catalyst design utilizing metal nanoparticles and graphene may lead to longer lasting fuel cells, according to a recently published article in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, whose first author, Dr. Rong Kou, is a Senior Scientist at EC Power.  The article, titled “Stabilization of Electrocatalytic Metal Nanoparticles at Metal-Metal Oxide-Graphene Triple…
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