Cell Prototyping

Large format cell fabrication and prototyping

Scaling up Li-ion systems from coin cells to large-format cylindrical or pouch cells is a significant challenge that takes a great deal of engineering expertise and access to proper equipment. If your company has developed novel electrode technologies for which you would like to fabricate prototype large format cells, EC Power can help. Utilizing our design software and know-how, we can help you optimize factors such as slurry composition, electrode thicknesses, current collector lengths, etc., in effort to maximize the practical performance of the scaled-up cell under realistic conditions for the given application. Whether the primary focus is energy density, power density, or something in between, we can help you design and fabricate a prototype cell that will meet the intended goal and performance.

For more information on our cell fabrication/prototyping services, please contact us at info@ecpowergroup.com.

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EC Power has the capability to extensively test everything from coin cells up to large battery packs. Whether it is initial testing of prototypes that have just been fabricated at EC Power, or prototype cells delivered to us by one of our clients, we flexibly meet our clients’ needs in whatever capacity is needed.

One way we frequently serve our clients is to act as an independent third party for testing several candidate technologies for full-scale adoption. We test the batteries or fuel cells supplied by our clients under conditions and drive profiles specified by the client, and deliver a comprehensive report on our findings.

For more information on our Testing/Characterization services, please contact us at info@ecpowergroup.com.