EC Power Highlighted in 2012 U.S. Drive Technical Accomplishments Report

 EC Power has been highlighted in the 2012 U.S. Drive “Highlights of Technical Accomplishments.”  U.S. Drive is a government-industry partnership consisting of the U.S. Department of Energy, the United States Council for Automotive Research, five energy companies, two electric utilities and the Electric Power Research Institute.  The Partnership was formed in part to ensure that publicly funded research delivers high-value results, and overcomes high-risk barriers to technology commercialization.

U.S. Drive selected technical highlights from hundreds of DOE-funded projects conducted by some of the nation’s top scientists and engineers.  EC Power’s topic, “AutoLionTM :  A Thermally Coupled Lithium-Ion Battery Model,” located on page 25 of the report, highlights EC Power’s AutoLionTM software, a CAE tool developed for the design of large format Li-ion battery cells and packs.  Specifically, the highlight captures how AutoLionTM simulates the highly complex interaction between temperature and battery performance on both the cell and pack level, leading to significant new simulation capabilities and technical innovations.

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