EC Power to Commercialize Energy Dense Li-ion Battery

EC Power is working to commercialize an energy dense Li-ion battery in 18650 cylindrical cell format, by integrating new classes of nanocomposite electrode materials using a novel fabrication process. The cell will incorporate a high capacity Si-carbon anode, developed by Dr. Donghai Wang at The Pennsylvania State University, and a layered metal oxide high voltage cathode developed at EC Power. The anode and cathode active materials will be incorporated into the cell utilizing EC Power’s unique design tools and fabrication techniques, which maximize the capacity which can be stored and extracted from the 18650 cell configuration. In addition to its near-term benefits for energy-dense military applications, the large format Li-ion cell developed will also be useful in plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), electrical vehicles (EVs), and for renewable energy storage.  The commercialization of this technology is being funded in part through a grant from the Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center.

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