Fast Charging Battery (FastLion™)

For a Detailed Overview, see our article in Joule


Eliminating Range Anxiety with Fast and Reliable Charging!


First third-party verified battery to meet the DOE’s extreme fast charging standards beyond 500 cycles! Provides greater than 200 miles of driving distance on a 10 minute charge with a cycle life over 2,500 cycles, or 500,000 miles!

Solid Science and IP Foundation

  • Leading-edge science: published in Joule (IF: 27); highlighted by both Nature & Science
  • Full IP protection: 74 patents filed worldwide; 57 granted (to date), including USA, Europe, China, Japan and Korea, and are valid beyond 2035
  • Prototyping and pilot production completed; initial POs are coming in
  • Eliminate battery charging pain for good, enabling high utilization of capital-heavy equipment & assets in an electrified society


Applications range from:

  • Forklift fleets
  • Electric cars
  • Smart phones
  • Others: electric trucks & semis, delivery vans, electric bikes, drones, industrial/household robots, taxi, eVTOLs, etc.

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