Fast Charging Battery (FCB™)

Pre-heated Fast Charging Method for Li-ion Batteries


EVs are Coming but Charging Pains Linger

  • Global electric vehicles (EV) sales projected to be at $8.8M, $26M and $54M per year and as 10%, 28% and 58% of new car sales by 2025, 2030 and 2040, respectively*
  • To account for 31% of the global total fleet of $1.4B by 2030*
  • Slow charging is a major pain point to users and a big waste of equipment, land, capital and time
  • High-power public chargers (100-360kW) are widely available and under-utilized due to battery bottleneck: Electrify America, Tesla Supercharger V3, GM-evGO alliance in North America; European Alliance; Tesla, BMW-State Grid Alliance etc. in China
* BNEF, “Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020”

  EV drivers in Shenzhen, China waiting for hours to get their cars charged

A 10-Minute Charge Method for 200 Wh/kg or 300 Miles that Rapidly Preheats and Charges a Li-ion Cell

An elevated temperature of 60°C eliminates Li plating and limits exposure time to prevent severe solid-electrolyte-interphase growth.


Excellent Cyclability

FCB cells retain 91.7% capacity after 2,500 cycles of 6C charge to 80% SOC. The total charge time only increases marginally upon cycling.

Independently Tested and Verified

 The Argonne National Laboratory has tested and verified this heated charge method achieves 10 minute charging to 80% charge with 4.5% degradation over 500 XFC cycles.

Solid Science and IP Foundation

  • Leading-edge science: published in Joule (IF: 27); highlighted by both Nature & Science
  • Full IP protection: 74 patents filed worldwide; 57 granted (to date), including USA, Europe, China, Japan and Korea, and are valid beyond 2035
  • Prototyping and pilot production completed; initial POs are coming in
  • Eliminate battery charging pain for good, enabling high utilization of capital-heavy equipment & assets in an electrified society


Applications range from:

  • Forklift fleets
  • Electric cars
  • Smart phones
  • Others: electric trucks & semis, delivery vans, electric bikes, drones, industrial/household robots, taxi, eVTOLs, etc.


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