Next Generation Secondary Batteries

Intracell Thermal Management Solutions Enabling the Next Generation Battery

There is a constant push toward more energy dense systems. Unfortunately, increases in energy density rarely come without sacrificing power. EC Power’s Thermally Modulated Battery Architecture is compatible with nearly all novel battery chemistries on the horizon today, including lithium metal batteries, silicon anodes, all solid-state batteries, sodium batteries, etc. Incorporating safe thermal modulation immediately improves the power density by 3x, and even more in the case of emerging technologies that are high temperature resilient, such as all solid-state batteries.

Emerging technologies under active R&D at EC Power

Lithium Metal Anodes

Over the last decade, high temperature charging has been pinpointed as a requirement for the successful use of lithium metal as it is critical for subduing dendritic plating of the lithium. The thermally modulated architecture provides the means to high temperature charging in the field and in small format batteries, such as those for cell phones and wearables.

If you would like your lithium metal technology coupled with thermal modulation, EC Power is able to provide prototypes up to 2 Ah in pouch format. If you would prefer to incorporate this technology within your own facility, reach out to us at



All Solid-State Batteries

All solid-state batteries promise to simplify battery production and increase the safety of lithium batteries. Unfortunately, identifying solid-state electrolytes that have sufficient ionic conductivity and low interfacial charge transfer resistance has been challenging. With EC Power’s technology, lower ionic conductivity is acceptable and can be compensated through thermal modulation at the outset of use. In this way, the battery can remain safe and stable when not in use, while still capable of high power when it is needed.

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