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Power and Energy Solution Products

True innovation is the result of teamwork and collaboration, combined with a unified vision for the future. EC Power designs products that are built to accelerate the technologies that will power our future. Our unrivaled expertise in advanced battery and fuel cell technologies, combined with our passion for innovation, makes us a highly valuable asset to organizations who have vested interests in the engineering and design of new, innovative energy storage systems. To find out how EC Power can help you tackle your battery and fuel cell CAE problems, please read further about our software licensing, consulting, software development, and training.
Power and Energy Solution Products

Customized Services

EC Power is home to scientists and engineers who are experts in cell fabrication, testing and computer-aided engineering (CAE) of batteries and fuel cells. Our suite of software products, combined with our extensive experience in the research, design, and testing of batteries and fuel cells, makes EC Power a global leader in customized solution development for large electrochemical systems. Click here to learn more about the customized services that we offer.

Software Licensing and Development

EC Power is home to scientists and engineers with decades of experience with modeling batteries and fuel cells. We offer several options for software licenses, all of which can be seamlessly integrated into the existing engineering and design process of your organization. Click here to learn more about our software products.


We offer specialized, one-on-one training with a member of our software development team to help you maximize the utility and value of our software products. Contact us to find out how you can become an expert in operating our software programs.

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