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AutoLion™ Software Suite:

As EC Power’s flagship product, the AutoLion™ suite of software programs offers the state-of-the-art in battery simulation tools.

AutoLion-3D™: AutoLion-3D™ is the world leader in the three dimensional, multi-scale, electrochemical/thermal coupled simulation of large format Li-ion cells and packs. Typical uses include:

  • Battery safety simulation capturing events such as nail penetration and thermal runaway
  • Pack thermal management analysis and cooling strategy development
  • Cell/pack simulation under extreme conditions such as sub-zero temperatures and high C-rate charge/discharge

AutoLion-1D™: As a one-dimensional version of AutoLion-3D™, AutoLion™ still utilizes the electrochemical/thermal coupling that sets AutoLion™ apart from other battery CAE Software, but executes substantially faster. AutoLion-1D™ is ideal for:

  • Degradation analysis for Li-ion batter packs under wide ranging, user-specified load conditions
  • Rapid reduction for design pools and formula optimization


AutoLion-ST™: AutoLion-ST™ is a model-in-the-loop tool for the development/analysis of control systems and battery management systems for automotive and stationary Li-ion battery packs.


Software Licensing:

  • Free trial licenses are available for software evaluation purposes.
  • Parent/child license packages are available for parallel computations.
  • Academic use of all EC Power software is encouraged, and academic licensing is available.

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