Safety, Shelf-Life, Stability

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Electrochemical Interfaces That Can be Turned Off When Not in Use


Because of the efficiency and efficacy of the thermally modulated structure, and its ability to adjust available power on the fly, the electrochemical interfaces can be intentionally passivated to dramatically reduce room temperature reactivity, enhancing battery safety and greatly increasing shelf-life. Nominal interface reactivity and battery performance can be regained through energy efficient thermal modulation.

Baseline Cell (NMC622/Gr)


Interface Passivated (NMC622/Gr)


*Ge et al., Sci. Adv. 3, 2020, eaay7633



Higher nominal operating temperatures simplifies thermal management by removing the need for active cooling strategies. This not only allows for higher cell-to-pack ratios in large platforms like electric vehicles, but also allows for effective thermal management strategies to be applied to small format batteries, like those used in cell-phones and cubesats.

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