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What to consider before deciding on right Li-ion battery software for your application

This post is created by Puneet Sinha. Engineers and scientist are increasingly looking at incorporating softwares to Li-ion battery related product development and implementation. However, desired need of software varies significantly for different applications. For instance, need of software for a system engineer developing optimum charging algorithm is vastly different from a scientist trying to understand…
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Break-free from current norms of designing and controlling Li-ion battery systems

This post is created by Puneet Sinha.  Designing and developing a system with Li-ion batteries is like solving a puzzle. You have pieces (Li-ion cells in this case) but how are you going to put them together and how are you going to allow them to operate to the maximum potential without sacrificing life or safety…
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Virtual adventures for safe electric vehicle development

This post is created by Puneet Sinha. What a year 2013 had been for Li-ion batteries and electrification in transport sector! Successful launch of Model S and Tesla posting first quarterly profit that sends its stocks soaring is a welcome sign for electric vehicle industry. Not only Tesla, electric vehicles (plug-in as well as all-electric)…
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