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EC Power is a leading provider of large format  Li-ion battery software for vehicle electrification, renewable energy storage, portable electronic devices, and power grid management. For battery researchers and engineers,  EC Power’s software, AutoLion™, accelerates Li-ion battery product development by reducing in-lab testing time through delivering reliable, simulation-bases analysis. Compared to an experiment-only approach, AutoLion-guided development is faster at answering the most critical technical questions hindering the electrification market.


AutoLion™ suite offers the state-of-the-art in battery simulation tools. The suite consists of AutoLion-3D™, AutoLion-1D™ and AutoLion-ST™, which are used for various reasons such as battery safety simulation, thermal management, and other system simulations. Each product is specific unto its own processes, but as a suite offer the full spectrum of energy and power management.


Case Studies and Brochures

AutoLion Brochure
User empowering system simulation capabilities
Pack thermal management and cell-to-cell imbalance simulation
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EC Power offers Li-ion cell prototyping, testing and characterization services along with Li-ion battery software solutions.
Cell Fabrication/Prototyping 
Testing Services
Customized Software Development

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